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Happy Indie Pride Day!


Since 2014, July 1st is known as Indie Pride Day. It’s a day where Indie Authors shine a spotlight on the great books they’re producing and the entire community comes out to support each other. You can learn more about the movement and how it was started at their website, Indie Books Be Seen.

One of the things I love about the indie author community is how supportive and vibrant it is. The indie authors I’ve met are readers, writers, people who love the written word, interested in research and learning, full of imagination, wit and humor. It’s an incredible group, and I’m honored to count myself among them.

In fact, I got some very welcome and exciting news this morning that Secret Hunger was included on a list of recommended reads featured on the Huffington Post today! You can read the article, “Recommended Reading: #GoIndie with Jenny Bravo” and find my book listed as #10.

Obviously, that inspired me to put together a list of some of the books I’ve recently read featuring indie authors. Some of these authors are people I’ve gotten to know during my time as a writer, many others I have not actually had a chance to interact with. You’ll notice the books are a mix of science fiction, paranormal, dystopic, clean and steamy romance. There are zombies, spaceships, aliens, shifters, yearning, sexy moments, and more.

This is not a ranked list, I simply put the titles in alphabetical order. Most of the books included are a part of a larger series. These are the first book in that series. In some cases, there may be boxed sets available at a better price, so it pays to do a little digging on Amazon.

Hopefully this will help you find a new, great author you can support. I can personally vouch for all of these and have enjoyed them thoroughly! Happy Reading!

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