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Secret Need Pre-Release Contest

As many of you know, Secret Need’s official release date is August 22nd.

However, I went to the New England Author Expo last Wednesday and wanted to have some books available for the event. I decided to have a limited, pre-release edition printed up. There are only 15 copies of this special run and I’m happy to say quite a few of them sold, however I have a few left.

That’s good news for you, my dear readers. I am now hosting a Secret Need Pre-Release contest on my newsletter and YOU could win a copy of this rare edition.

Interested? Entering is easy and free! Simply sign up to my newsletter and you are entered into the drawing once.

Want to stack the odds in your favor? Share this >Facebook post< and you’ll be entered into the drawing twice!

If all those shares are successful and my newsletter subscribers reach 100, then I will give away TWO pre-release copies of Secret Need! So, it pays to tell your friends and share the news. (Full disclosure: I currently have 88 subscribers. Hopefully it’s not too difficult a goal.)

That’s it. Pretty easy, right? I will determine a winner on Tuesday, August 8th at 10 a.m. ET. Contest is only open to US residents. (Sorry! International postage costs are prohibitive.) Good luck!

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