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Last year I watched a fellow author friend of mine, Connie Johnson Hambley, attend a seemingly endless number of live author events, from signings to expos to readings at the library. It seemed like every time I turned around, she was posting a photo of her booth at a new location! I found it inspiring and quickly decided that I’d like to take a page from her book.

Which helps explain why these last two weekends have been very busy! On September 30th I hosted my Secret Need book release party at the Battle Grounds Coffee Company in Haverhill, Massachusetts. My friend Lynne asked me some interview questions, I read a few excerpts, there were refreshments and door raffle prizes, as well as signed books available for sale. Overall, it was a great success and people seemed to have a lot of fun. I know I certainly did!

This past weekend I attended the Scituate Art Festival in Scituate, Rhode Island with my Association of Rhode Island Authors group. Although the weather could have been better (Sunday was a bit soggy) I was pleased with how well it went! Not only did I get to know my fellow authors in the group a bit better – I’m a fairly new member – but I also sold a decent amount of books.

Both occasions made me realize just how much I LIKE doing live author events. I enjoy the interaction with readers and potential readers. I also appreciate the opportunity to discuss craft and marketing with other writers. So far, I’ve learned something new with every event I’ve participated in and walked away feeling energized. From a business standpoint, it doesn’t hurt that I’m creating other avenues to sell my books and am less dependent on Amazon for being my main outlet.

I’m also inspired to write a little more about how to make the most out of any author event you participate in. Expect to see a few more blog posts on this topic in the near future.

Are you an author? Have you done many live events? If so, what did you think of them? If not, what’s holding you back?

CONNIE JOHNSON HAMBLEY writes high-concept thrillers featuring remarkable women entangled in modern-day crimes. Her latest book, The Wake, was released September 1st.

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