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BookBlurbWhile I’m waiting for my first draft to come back from the editor, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by focusing on the various other aspects I know I’m going to need to have done before I publish. This includes writing the blurb that I’ll have posted on my book’s product page. I also plan on using it for the back cover of my print edition.

Needless to say, it’s really important to get this right. I’m a new author. My book won’t have any reviews to start, and I don’t have a strong readership already in place. A good blurb will be second only to the cover as far as making a first impression to potential readers. It can be the key element that could change a browser into a reader.

I’m also finding out it’s really hard to write!

This is currently the middle of the second week I’ve been working on it. The first few iterations were bulky and over 500 words long. Then, a friend of mine shared a link that mentioned it should be no more than 150- 200 words. Eek! I clearly needed to do some drastic editing.

So far, I’ve only been sharing my attempts with two women in my writing group and my sister. I think they’ve helped set me on the right path, but I would be interested in getting a few more opinions. If you’re reading this, that means YOURS!

I have a couple of questions to think about as you read it. First off, how is the length? Would you say it’s too short, long, or just right? Does it make you want to read the book? Are you left wondering what will happen? Is anything unclear or leaving you confused? Can you tell what genre this book is?

Here’s what I have so far:

As a café owner and cook, Olivia never regretted forsaking her dreams and going home to raise her sisters after their parents died. Now they have moved out of the house and it’s time for her to pick up where she left off.

Mason is a Boston police detective recuperating from a tragic incident that killed his partner and left him shot twice. All he wants is to heal up and get back to the job of hunting the killer down – pursuing a relationship is not an option.

Neither of them can deny their attraction to each other. But as things heat up, events begin to happen that make Olivia realize she’s drawn a far more sinister kind of attention. Suddenly, she finds herself not only fighting for her dreams, but for her very life.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Blurb’s the Word”

  1. Hey, Jan- erm- Satin! 😀 So cool knowing your real name now. Btw, I can’t remember if I ever told you that I’m Peyri from Final Fantasy XI Online. Totally understand the girl gamer secret identity thing. My husband and I actually met via FFXI. I also signed up for a whole bunch of social networks under my gamer identify. My husband had to beg me for my number as I didn’t think it was safe to share my true identity.

    As far as your blurb goes, I think it is just the right length. I am a little confused about the genre. I think this is where I would have a better understanding of the genre based on the cover (you CAN tell a book by it’s cover, or at least the genre typically). My first thought is it’s a romance novel, but then I get thriller/mystery vibe towards the end. If the cover had a topless male or scantily clad female or both on the cover, then I would know it was a romance novel. If murder/thriller, I am imagining something like a pool of blood with a smoking gun, or maybe a chalk outline with police tape across the cover? Boston always makes me think of murder mysteries though (guess I’ve read a few too many Dennis Lehane novels).

    I am intrigued and can’t wait to pick it up! 😀

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    1. Hi Bethany, you’re right on BOTH fronts! It’s a romantic suspense. I’m glad you could pick up the elements from both genres, it let’s me know that they’re equally represented.

      I’ve gone back and edited the blurb a little bit. Nothing major, just a few tweaks. Overall, I think I can count this part of the process checked!

      I didn’t know that was how you met your husband, but I think that’s really cool! I never got into the FF franchise. At the time, I was too immersed into the WoW universe.

      Even though it’s been years since I’ve played, I have to admit, I still miss it. If I could have a longer day, or never need sleep, I’m sure I’d still be playing. As it is, I have too many other things I want to do now.


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