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Secret Need Excerpt

Hey all, The closer we get to Secret Need's release date, the more excited I get! It's also getting harder not to share Liz's story with you. So, as a compromise to myself, I've decided to share a little excerpt of Secret Need with you. I hope it whets your appetite. Remember, Secret Need release… Continue reading Secret Need Excerpt


Pinning Inspiration

I took another big step this week towards my book becoming a reality and hired a cover artist! I plan on talking a little more about who I went with in a later post. They said it will take at least two weeks before they'll have anything to show me, so I figure I'll wait… Continue reading Pinning Inspiration

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Master of the Universe

Over the weekend I was busy making another pass through the second half of my book. I noticed that my editor was marking the same few mistakes consistently and wanted to clean them up before submitting the last half to her. As I was reading through the chapters, I realized I still wasn't satisfied with a… Continue reading Master of the Universe

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Blurb’s the Word

While I'm waiting for my first draft to come back from the editor, I've been trying to keep myself busy by focusing on the various other aspects I know I'm going to need to have done before I publish. This includes writing the blurb that I'll have posted on my book's product page. I also… Continue reading Blurb’s the Word

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So Much More Than Writing a Book

During the year I was saving money to quit my job and make the leap towards becoming an author, I did a lot of research. I read articles upon articles, endless blog posts, and I got in touch with some of my favorite authors and asked them for advice. Overall, I tried to be as… Continue reading So Much More Than Writing a Book

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A New Adventure

I feel like I should start off with a little introduction post of sorts and explain how I find myself in the middle of one of the biggest adventures of my life. Up until last year I was a stockbroker. Growing up as a child, I never thought I'd be able to say I was a… Continue reading A New Adventure