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Friday Follow-up

(Well, technically, I skipped a post last week, so this would be two weeks worth of “Friday Follow-ups.”)

Last week, I worked on editing more chapters as well as tried to write my “about me” blurbs. I came across this very helpful article that suggested I should write a couple of different lengths of “about me” blurbs.

I can understand why, what with the various social mediums nowadays but, man! Does anybody else have a hard time crafting these things? It’s been difficult to find the right balance between professional and personal. I mean, I don’t want to sound like a corporate robot, but I also don’t want to bore anybody with a whole bunch of personal details, either.

Needless to say, I’m still working on them. I think I have the 140 character version figured out, but the others are still lacking.

Oh! I also set up and sent my first newsletter. Many of the articles I have read, as well as people I follow, have suggested establishing a newsletter. It makes sense. Not only do you, as an author, get to identify who your more loyal and excited readers are, but you can also give them special deals and let them know any inside scoops.

To be honest, I don’t plan on sending them very often. As someone who follows quite a few authors, I really hate receiving a newsletter just for the sake of keeping to a schedule. The best newsletters are ones that actually have news in them! Besides, I’m allergic to spam.

I will say, however, that I have been humbled by the amount of friends who signed up when I made my initial announcement on Facebook and Twitter. One of the best things about taking this journey has been seeing just how many friends and family have been here to support me and cheer me on. What’s even cooler is that they have come from every corner of my life. It’s a real hodgepodge of people.

There have been my friends back in Seattle (which I moved from nine years ago,) my family from around the world (including Thailand and China,) ladies from my writers group here in Massachusetts, fellow authors who I’ve connected with and grown to know online, past gamers I’ve kept in touch with since my WoW days, friends from way back during my time as a raver… the list goes on. I know that Facebook gets a lot of flak these days, but there’s something to be said about being able to stay connected with people who come from the various stages of your life.

At any rate, I digress. If you find yourself reading this blog and feel any inclination to support an up-and-coming author, please sign up to my newsletter. You can find the link in the right column or click on this link. Be sure to add me to your address book when it gives you the option. I signed up with an alternate email, just to test what was being sent, and I noticed it ended up in my spam folder. (I kind of had to laugh at that, to be honest.)

Hm, what else? Oh, right. So, last week, I also got my first batch of cover samples back. I have to admit, I was a little…underwhelmed. I felt like they had completely missed the mark. But, then my sister calmly reminded me that this was just a starting point. It isn’t as if the artist can peer into my brain and see what I have envisioned, even if I did provide examples. (Wouldn’t that be so cool if they could, though?)

She’s right. This is a process. So, I responded with a point-by-point breakdown of what I did and didn’t like, and why I thought some concepts were working and others weren’t. Early this week, I got the second batch. I have to say, they are SO much better! They’re still not quite right, mind you. But still, it was a huge improvement. It will probably only take another round or two to get exactly what I’m looking for. I really can’t wait to to see the final result. Not only for myself, but so I can also do a cover reveal. (I’ve always wanted to do one of those!)

Other than that, it’s mainly been editing, editing, editing. My editor is awesome, by the way. (Have I mentioned that?) She really cranked out the chapters these past two weeks. In fact, she’s gotten them all back to me, and I’m the one who’s playing catch-up.

Which is great news, because now I can get it to the beta readers a little earlier than I had planned. Assuming I can make the necessary changes by the end of this weekend, they should have a copy in their hands on Monday.

Progress is being made!

2 thoughts on “Friday Follow-up”

    1. It’s been a struggle. Plus, I’m noticing they all need to be slightly different. My “About the Author” on the back cover of my book probably shouldn’t be referencing the debut album being released in April 2015 that it’s being printed on.



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