Secret Gifts (A Holiday Novella)

Hey all! I’ve dropped a few hints on social media that I was working on a holiday novella for NaNoWriMo which is set within the Harper Sisters universe.
Secret Gifts follows Jackie and Tom, who are two side characters you may remember from the first book. This picks up a little over one year after they got together in Secret Hunger. Tom wants to take their relationship to the next level, but will Jackie’s past keep them from having a future?
I will be sending out a roughly edited version of Secret Gifts to my newsletter subscribers on Monday. Fair warning, I literally wrote this less than a month ago. (A little over 14,000 words of it was written on the last day in November.) This will not be the fully polished edition that I’ll publish in 2019, which means it is subject to change.
However, I wanted to give my readers a little gift for the holiday. This is the only chance you have to read it for free before it’s official. If you’d like a first-peek at it, then be sure you click on the link and sign up!
**Special thanks to Lynne Favreau and Chris and Holly Hammond for making this possible. Also, isn’t this cover GORGEOUS?!**

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